About Dane Harris Photography

We help you capture the most important occasions and milestones of your life. We help tell your story through the power of pictures and video.

At Dane Harris Photography, an Illinois-based professional photographer and videographer, we focus on you, your uniqueness, your essence and deliver images and video that capture your wedding, senior year, engagement, growing family and much more.

We listen to you. We take in your story. We pay attention to your desires. We help put you at ease.  We help you select the perfect locations, wardrobe, props, settings and lower the stress level. We help you be you and capture that for the world to see. Your pictures should be as unique as you and your big day, event or milestone.

Our hundreds of satisfied clients are how we measure our success. What can we help you capture?  You make the memories and we preserve them for you to cherish and remember for years to come.