Real estate experts rarely agree on anything, but there is something all agree upon: It’s a seller’s market.

Even with the market demand and the great seller’s market in southern Illinois, it doesn’t hurt to have an edge over all the other home sellers and agents. One of those edges is how attractive your listing appears to potential buyers on the web and in print. A mediocre photo or lack of photos, can take the luster off of a great listing and decrease your amount of offers, increase your time on the market, and possibly lead to a lower closing price.

Is there a way for Illinois home sellers or real estate agents to gain the edge on their listings and get more money faster? Yes, there is. The answer is professional, beautiful photos of your listing.

Illinois real estate photographer, Dane Harris, of Dane Harris Photo and Design, knows how to capture the essence and attractiveness of your home and new listing.

Hire Dane and here’s what you get:

  • Multiple professional photos in formats that can be used on the web and in print.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Ease of booking.
  • A copy of your files on a disk or via DropBox.
  • Potentially, a faster sale of your real estate listing at a higher price.

In this red-hot, seller’s market, smart Illinois real estate agents and sellers need every edge to deliver for their clients and agencies.