Senior Photography

Senior portraits







You’ll only be a high school senior once. How will you remember this incredible and important time in your life? How will others remember you? Family? Friends? Classmates?

Dane Harris, a professional senior photographer, knows how to capture your unique personality, your interests, your essence and your best side in memorable senior portraits. When you choose Dane, you’re choosing an experienced senior portrait photographer that knows how to set up and prep for the perfect session learns about you and your personality and has the equipment and abilities to capture the moment.

Are you the class comic? An artist? A star athlete? The future Valedictorian?  Do you love horses, softball, cars, guitar, etc?

When considering choosing a photographer for your senior pictures, it’s important to view the work of the photographer and determine if their photos move you. We know how to properly prep, find the right locations, set up, schedule, pose you and direct a successful photo session that leaves you and your friends saying wow.

Book Dane today and make, capture and share memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some tips to prepare for a great photo session:

Location. Think about places that help tell your story and mean something to you.  Is it the baseball diamond?  The woods?  A famous landmark?  Dane has taken thousands of senior photos and found the best locations, so he can certainly make suggestions for wonderful locations that help create great photos.

Clothes. Think about what clothing or accessories help define your personality and interests. Don’t overthink it. What colors complement your skin tones, hair, and personality? Consider bringing a couple of different shirts, hats, dresses or other wardrobe options, or don’t. It’s not necessary to bring your whole closet or to overthink it.

Have fun. Make memories. Seize the Day!